National 13.9.2016 03:08 pm

EFF prefers sitting on the loo to listening to Zuma

Floyd Shivambu. (File Photo by Gallo Images / The Times / Moeletsi Mabe)

Floyd Shivambu. (File Photo by Gallo Images / The Times / Moeletsi Mabe)

Julius Malema said he and his party were just ‘going to the loo’ while the ‘criminal’ Zuma was talking.

Once again, before President Jacob Zuma could answer questions in the National Assembly, the EFF left the House after chief whip Floyd Shivambu was given the boot.

The Economic Freedom Fighters said Zuma was “a criminal” who should not be allowed in the House after the Constitutional Court ruled that he was unfit.

Parliament had to discipline him.

Shivambu, backed by EFF members, charged that to allow Zuma to speak meant Mbete was complicit in “illegal activity” as the head of state had a dark constitutional cloud hanging over him.

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After repeated attempts to restore order, Mbete called on the sergeant-at-arms to remove Shivambu, the repeat instigator in delaying proceedings and refusing to abide by the rules of the National Assembly.

After replies by Zuma, the House had been due to lead a debate of national importance on beleaguered state-owned entity SAA brought by the EFF.

Malema said party members would leave the House, but added: “We are just going to the loo to avoid the criminal; we will return when the criminal has stopped speaking.”

The Congress of the People had left the House of its own accord earlier, arguing that it was not prepared to listen to Zuma.


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