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Govt not at war with itself – Zuma

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4:45 Malema says Myeni’s son goes around with a bag full of money “stolen” from people who want to do business with Zuma.

4:44 Malema is being called sexist for calling SAA chairperson Dudu Myeni, “Dudu Myeni Zuma”.

4:26 “Each time when I come here, I’m abused by members of your parliament. Each time I sit here I’m called a criminal. I don’t think I should always come here to listen to people who don’t respect the house.”

4:12 Zuma says voters still have confidence in the ANC. He says it’s not true that voters have lost confidence in the ruling party. He says no party has won Nelson Mandela Bay, Johannesburg and Tshwane. It is only through coalition that they managed to win these metros.

4:01 “There’s no war between the presidency and the treasury,” answers Zuma.

3:59 “8,9 million of South Africans are without work,” say Maimane. He addresses the issue Mineral Resources Minister Msebenzi Zwane who called for the investigation of banks. “Is there government at war with itself,” asked Maimane.

3:55 “We have improved on making electricity available.”

3:47 “There is coordination and working together in government. The NCOP takes government to the people,” says Zuma.

3:29 “We have done infrastructure in South Africa. We have done a lot.”

3:27 “The living conditions in South Africa has changed. People have jobs now,” says Zuma.

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3:19 “I can’t spend my time addressing issues of politics. This platform is for business,” said Zuma.

3:11 “SAA has been in difficulty for a very long time. We’ve been trying in many way to fix the SAA. I have to hear who is the chair who was able to get the SAA out of trouble. I don’t see a difference in what she has done and what other chairs have done. Cabinet has confidence in all SAA boards members,” says Zuma.

3:10 DA leader Mmusi Maimane addresses the issue of SAA. “What confidence do you have in her.”

3:09 The EFF is marching outside parliament.

3:03 He now talks about investment.

3:02 “The rural development programme has not failed,” says Zuma.

3:00 Zuma giggles when the DA says he doesn’t know his 9 points plan.

2:56 “We have talked about the 9 point plan many times in the house,” answers Zuma who was asked what are the nine points in his 9 points plan.

2:53 Zuma concludes his first answer.

2:52 Zuma says the Lekgotla also discussed the viability of state-owned institutions.

2:51 Zuma continues to address the quiet parliament.

2:46 “Government will continue to support labour intensive sectors,” says Zuma.

2:45 Zuma now talks about the “9 point plan”.

2:44 Zuma returns to the podium to answer questions.

2:42 The EFF leaves parliament.

2:41 “We are not prepared to listen to this criminal. We are going to leave this parliament and when this criminal is done talking, we are going to come back,” says Malema.

2:40 Shivambu refuses to leave parliament. He says Mbete “is engaging in an illegal activity”.

2:38 “Honourable Shivambu can you please leave the chamber.”

2:36 Hlayiseka Chawane of the EFF asks for clarity from Mbete. He asks for Mbete to charge Zuma. “Honourable Chawane please take your seat.”

2:34 The EFF quotes “the wonderful rule of parliament” for Mbete, asking why she’s mot charging the president.

2:33 Mbete is appealing for cooperation, but the EFF refuses to cooperate.

2:30 Hlophe of the EFF is denied a chance to “indulge” with members of parliament.

2:28 Mbete says Nkandla is not “the business of the day”. Shivambu says “we cannot work with a criminal”.

2:26 EFF’s Floyd Shivambu quotes a rule of parliament which allows members of parliament to question Zuma.

2:24 Mthembu says calls for Zuma to resign are unconstitutional. That they are not guided by law at all.

2:23 EFF’s Godrich Gardee is denied a chance to “rise on a point of order.

2:22 ANC Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu quotes the rules of parliament which allows Zuma speak in parliament.

2:21 “This man is collapsing the country”. Mbete threatens to switch off his mic.

2:20 The voters have rejected Zuma. “You were punished for this hauling, you houlers!”

2:18 Malema asks Mbete to “punish” Zuma. “We cannot allow the president to speak in this house.”

2:17 Zuma clears his throat, and before he can speak, leader of the EFF Julius Malema rise “on a point of order.

2:16 Speaker of parliament Baleka Mbete is defending Zuma. She says he is an elected president and deserves to address parliament, despite the constitutional court ruling which found violated the constitution.

2:14 The EFF is preventing Zuma from answering parliamentary questions.

President Jacob Zuma will answer questions in the National Assembly today for the first time since the local government elections on August 3.

The last time Zuma was in the House was in May, when EFF MPs were forcibly ejected by protection officers. DA leader Mmusi Maimane will ask Zuma how the new presidential state-owned companies’ coordinating council will interact with the existing interministerial committee on state-owned enterprises.

The creation of the coordinating council, which will oversee the country’s state-owned enterprises with Zuma as the chairperson, was seen as an attempt to neutralise Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, who has been the chairperson of an interministerial committee on state-owned entities since December 2014.

Maimane will also grill Zuma about the plans of action the government has in place to avoid a ratings downgrade and to ensure that the poor are not adversely affected, that jobs are created and that investors still see South Africa as a safe, desirable investment destination.

Maimane yesterday said he would ask Zuma to explain and clarify his questionable new role at the helm of crippled state-owned entities.

“President Zuma is known to evade accountability during parliamentary question-and-answer sessions,” Maimane said. “He should make a clear statement on the Cabinet wars and how he plans to end the impasse and get the government focused on avoiding the downgrade. Additional reporting by Ngwako Modjadji


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