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UPDATE: Toddler still in hospital after mom’s yoghurt poisoning



The mother who allegedly fed her two children rat poison mixed with yoghurt was discharged from hospital on Thursday.

KwaThema police spokesperson Captain Thabo Sibuyi said the woman would not be arrested, as she needed psychological rest, Springs Advertiser reports.

However, the four-year-old toddler is still in hospital but is in a stable condition.

The mother allegedly mixed rat poison with yoghurt and fed it to her 10-month-old baby boy and her four-year-old son at her house in KwaThema, on the East Rand, on September 1.

Her actions resulted in the death of her 10-month-old baby and the hospitalisation of her toddler.

Sibuyi said the mother also poisoned herself and ended up in hospital.

According to him, the children’s grandmother found the two children and their mother at the house and rushed them to a nearby clinic for treatment.

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The family of three were transported to a nearby hospital by ambulance.

Sibuyi said the 10-month-old baby died on the way to hospital.

He claimed the four-year-old boy vomited, and the doctor on duty noticed a black substance in the boys’ vomit.

The police forensics department is still evaluating the yoghurt containers that were removed from the house.

“The mother did not give any reasons for her actions and will not be arrested,” he said.

The mother will face charges of murder and attempted murder and will appear in the Springs Regional Court soon.

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