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‘F**k Muslims’ painted on wall in Eersterust

The community’s Muslim leaders will be discussing the incident with the community as an urgent matter.

On the night when Muslims around the world were celebrating Eid al-Adha (Festival for the Sacrifice) a few anti-Muslims thugs painted the words “F**k Muslims”, “No Muslim” on the walls of three houses in Eersterust, east of Pretoria.

A Muslim man from this community, who wanted to remain anonymous, sent pictures of the house early this morning to The Citizen, saying this was an “evil act”.

Eersterust has a large Muslim community and mosque.

Picture: Supplied

Picture: Supplied

The Jamiat Ulama-council secretary-general, Moulana Ebrahim Bham, said they condemned this incident in the strongest way.

“The basis of a peaceful society is tolerance and peaceful coexistence and harmony. An incident like this does not help with peaceful coexistence.

“We will be discussing the matter with the community as an urgent matter,” he said.

Social cohesion advocate and journalist Yusuf Abramjee said: “I am shocked. This is disgusting and I call on residents to open criminal charges immediately.

“This hate speech must be stopped. The culprit/s need to be identified, arrested and convicted.

“I also suggest that the SA Human Rights Commission and CRL Commission [Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities] investigate this hate speech and intimidation,” Abramjee said from Makkah in Saudi Arabia where he is performing the annual Hajj.

He added that this person/s clearly hate Muslims and Islam. “This is hurtful.”

Pastor William Japhta of the Bible Believer Tabernacle also this morning condemned the act of intolerance and disrespect for another religion.

“It is wrong. There is something in our constitution called tolerance and we need to tolerate each other.

“The Muslim community has always being hostile against the Christian faith, but I am still disgusted at what happened here.

The Bible teaches us as Christians to love one another, love your neighbour.

“I strongly believe this is an act of individuals acting in their own capacity,” said Japhta.


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