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Father and son (7) hijacked and abducted

The recovered vehicle which was hijacked.

The recovered vehicle which was hijacked.

A gang of three armed men hijacked and abducted the father and his son.

An Effingham father and his seven-year-old son were hijacked and abducted by three armed men as the duo was driving out of their front gate on Sunday night, Northglen News reports

The men, armed with pistols, approached the vehicle and forced the victims into the back seat of the car before they fled towards Inanda in Durban, said Kyle van Reenen of Marshall Security.

“The hijacked motor vehicle was fitted with a tracking device and monitored by BidTrack, who sent out an alert to all vehicles in the area and Marshall Security’s Special Operations Team were activated to assist,” he added.

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Following a lengthy search, the father and his son were found and rescued.

They were reportedly abandoned on a dirt road in Inanda.

“The victims explained that the suspects had ordered them to exit the vehicle before making off in an unknown direction. Luckily both victims suffered no injury,” said Van Reenen.

Authorities recovered the abandoned vehicle on Walton Place on Monday, after they received information claiming the vehicle had been spotted in Umbilo.

The suspects remain at large.

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