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Trevor Noah says SA condoms ‘sound like vuvuzelas’

The Daily Show boss poked fun at Cyril Ramaphosa’s new government-issue condoms, calling the deputy president a ‘PG-rated’ Joe Biden.

This week The Daily Show poked a bit of fun at Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, who last week put on his sales hat in the National Assembly during his question-and-answer session with members of parliament, taking on an unconventional stance to convince them about government’s new Max condoms.

The new multiflavoured condoms available in strawberry, banana and grape were introduced earlier this year by Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi in a bid to encourage more young people to use contraceptives and to halt the prevalence of HIV/Aids among young people.

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Brandishing the brightly coloured packages in pink and purple in front of MPs, Ramaphosa in his sales pitch told them citizens had complained about the state’s Choice condoms, saying they did not have a pleasant smell and made noise during sex.

He said the new Max guaranteed maximum pleasure and protection.

“… The Max condom is in response to what a number of people were saying. They were saying that the other [Choice] condom that had been introduced by government did not smell so well and it made a noise whenever it was used,” he said to cheers, giggling and some calls from opposition benches to “give that to Zuma”.

He added: “Now through scientific development we were able to develop a new condom which is called Max. The Max is for maximum pleasure, maximum protection, and does not make noise at all and comes in different flavours.”

The businessman, nicknamed “Buffalo” following his bid for a Syncerus caffer buffalo worth R18 million at an auction in 2012, put on his business suit and attempted to charm MPs into buying into the idea.

“If you want a grape flavour, you can get a grape flavour. If you want an apple flavour, you can get an apple flavour,’’ he said ardently to a point of order from one MP who asked him who cares about the “noise” of condoms.

“…The issue of noise, Honourable Speaker [Baleka Mbete] was reported by users. The people who used to use the old condoms approached the ministry of health and said these make noise, could you please have condoms that make less noise. So members please help yourselves, we now have condoms which we expect we can all use for maximum pleasure and maximum protection.”

Noah joked that South Africa had “a bit of an Aids problem” and the government started handing out condoms.

He called Ramaphosa a “PG-rated Joe Biden [US deputy president]”.

Noah then said South African condoms sounded like vuvuzelas.

“You can’t have sex like that all the time.”



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