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Teller tricked into giving cash to wrong person

Checkers is currently conducting an internal investigation into the matter

An internal investigation is being conducted by Checkers Cavendish Glen following the theft of R2 000 by an unknown woman, Kempton Express reports.

The woman tricked a teller into giving her the money that was withdrawn for another customer.

According to the customer, K Naidoo, who was at the retail shop on August 30, the woman deceived the teller into giving her the money that was meant for him. The incident happened at the cigarette counter just after 6pm.

“I had requested the teller at the cigarette counter to transact a R2 000 withdrawal from my FNB cheque account. She consulted another woman to obtain the cash, as it was not available at the till. My transaction was successful, and I was instructed to wait while other customers were served,” Naidoo wrote in a letter to EXPRESS.

Naidoo says a woman at the till witnessed the teller holding the notes in her hand and from where he was standing, heard the woman saying, “That’s my cash,” and the teller handed it to her. “From where I was I did not know whether a transaction was done or not. But she took the cash, which was not hers, and left.”

Cash till

Cash till

When Naidoo arrived at the till, the teller realised she had given the money to the wrong person. “Indeed, it could be the teller’s fault but the woman confused the teller. The manager was summoned, and I was given my cash.”

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Naidoo was shocked by the woman’s actions, saying it was not fair on the teller who works long hours to earn a living.

“It is unbelievable that so many dishonest people prey on the minimum mistake to capitalise for their own gain. I term this as theft under false pretenses, as I am witness to her saying it was her cash, which misled the teller. God must have mercy on this woman, as she did not realise that this teller stands from 8am to 8pm to earn a living and support her family.”

The incident was captured on the shop’s CCTV footage and Naidoo says he would be able to identify the woman. He also said he was willing to assist management with identifying the woman. “I wish the woman whose identity is known comes forward and returns the cash so the teller and her family are not affected.”

Sarita van Wyk, manager of corporate communications for Checkers Hyper, confirmed the incident and said the internal inquiry was almost complete.

“Thereafter, the local police will be approached on the matter,” Van Wyk told EXPRESS.

Van Wyk also confirmed that the CCTV footage of the incident would be shared with the police to help them with their investigation.

“Money, as we know, is the temptation, but the tears the teller is shedding could be more harmful than that financial resource you took which didn’t belong to you,” Naidoo said, sending a stern warning to the perpetrator.

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