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No DNA, fingerprints done yet in Pelser murder case

Marthinus Pelser at his first court appearance. Photo: Riaan van Zyl

Marthinus Pelser at his first court appearance. Photo: Riaan van Zyl

The State believes it has a strong case against the accused.

The case against 23-year-old father Marthinus Pelser, who was arrested in connection with the death of his six-month-old baby son, in Roodepoort Magistrates’ Court has been postponed today.

The presiding magistrate said DNA tests have not been done on the blood found on the wall, and fingerprints have not been taken from the broken mirror, Roodepoort Record reported.

According to the investigating officer who testified, granting bail to Pelser would put his life in danger.

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He said he believed the State had a very strong case against the accused, and said it was inhumane to run away when your child is injured.

The magistrate said he could see the community was upset because the court was packed.

A petition against Pelser’s bail has gathered 712 signatures.

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When Pelser’s legal representative took over the cross-examination, he said the injuries the baby had sustained have not been proved, as the autopsy report has not been handed in.

The case was postponed to September 16.

Meanwhile, a chilling pieces of possible evidence was put before the court today during Marthinus Pelser’s bail application- a book in which he allegedly left a note.

The note written in Afrikaans translates to, “Bianca I am really sorry about everything. Do not look in Deon’s cot. I am sorry all I know is I will always love you.”

A handwriting expert has yet to determine whether in fact it is Pelser’s handwriting.

At the end of the State’s questioning of the investigating office, Constabe Richmond Motaung, he was asked why he opposed bail. He said the accused had previously assaulted the baby’s mother, that he had fled on the day the deceased’s body was found, and that the community are outraged, referring to Justice for Baby Deon’s petition of more than 600 signatures.

Just before court was adjourned for a break at about 12.15pm, the defence started their questioning of Motaung.

Pelser’s legal representative, advocate Van Rensburg immediately asked Motaung whether he was a doctor, psychologist, DNA expert or handwriting expert, saying the constable’s allegations were only assumptions.

Straight after the break the bail hearing was postponed until 16 September.

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