Motoring News 9.9.2016 12:53 pm

The new model BMW said would never happen?



Isenberg also went on to say that ‘There will not be an M2 convertible.’

Seems like the advice “never say never” continues to ring true – remember last year February when BMW M2’s chief engineer, Frank Isenberg, told Australia’s CarAdvice that “convertibles are not for racetracks, they’re for cruising”, in reference to the possibility of a BMW M2 convertible?

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Isenberg also went on to say, “There will not be an M2 convertible. We need to keep it as purist as we did the 1 Series M Coupe.” Now, according to, Isenberg and crew have apparently had a change of heart. claims the images you’re looking at are the M2 convertible, which has yet to be announced.



It is surprising since now, because Isenberg also specifically pointed out the M235i convertible as the go-to drop top for those wanting nice performance and cruising fun.

Yes, getting the roof off the M2 isn’t a problem for engineers, but since we have the M235i convertible in our market we’re not convinced there’s even a market for the M2 Convertible.



BMW Blog reports that it reached out to its own sources at BMW, who have unequivocally denied any plans for an open-top based on the popular M2 Coupe.

We still don’t know if Isenberg was telling the truth or the folks at BMW simply changed their minds – we just have to wait for the Paris or Geneva shows to see it … perhaps.


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