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‘New ANC mayor spoils himself with flashy Merc’

The Mercedes-Benz  AMG GLE 63 S Coupe is king of the coupe segment. Picture: Supplied

The Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 63 S Coupe is king of the coupe segment. Picture: Supplied

The DA alleges that Tzaneen’s mayor is buying luxury vehicles despite running a city that owes its creditors millions.

The DA has accused the mayor of the Greater Tzaneen municipality of wasteful and fruitless expenditure after it allegedly spent R1.6 million on new vehicles for new mayor Maripe Mangena and the municipality’s speaker.

In a statement, the party said: “The purchase happened despite the municipality owing creditors more than R20 million that has since led to the sheriff of the court attaching the municipal assets last Friday.

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“The municipality purchased a lavish Mercedes Benz GLE 350 worth a staggering R1.2 million for the mayor and another R480 000 to purchase another vehicle for the speaker,” the DA said.

Maripe Mangena

Maripe Mangena

Jacques Smalle‚ a member of the Limpopo Provincial Legislature‚ said he had asked the MEC for cooperative governance to probe “wasteful and fruitless expenditure at Greater Tzaneen Municipality after it wasted more than R1.6 million purchasing two new vehicles”.

“To spend over R1.6 million on luxury cars is a direct insult to the poorest members of the community. It is obvious that ANC cadres will continue to place their self-interest first before the interests of the people,” the DA statement said.

On the municipality’s website, it says that “His Worship Maripa Mangena’s profile is still under construction…”

By contrast, the party’s new Tshwane mayor, Solly Msimanga, announced that he would no longer be allowing luxury cars to be bought for civil servants in the city.

On Tuesday, he put an immediate stop to all purchases or leasing of luxury cars for politicians and senior officials.

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“No new luxury cars will be bought or leased for politicians, and if vehicles currently owned by Tshwane require replacement, sensible and low-cost vehicles will be procured,” Msimanga said in a statement.

“I will not allow public money to be spent on luxury cars, while our people struggle for services, houses and jobs.

“No more luxury cars will be bought or leased under my government. A Hyundai i20 or Toyota Corolla can do the same job for a politician as an expensive sedan,” he fired.

– Additional reporting by Virginia Keppler


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