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Police chase after hijacked taxi

Police chase after a hijacked minibus-taxi

Police chase after a hijacked minibus-taxi

A man wounded in a shootout with police was arrested following a ‘high-speed chase’.

After a chase by the police, two men were arrested for hijacking a minibus taxi in Benoni, Gauteng, on Monday, September 5, Benoni City Times reports.

According to EMPD spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Wilfred Kgasago, the driver of the taxi “reacted swiftly by jettisoning himself through the window of the moving vehicle” after a firearm was pointed at him by two passengers.

“The driver immediately called 10111 and both EMPD and the police Flying Squad members gave a chase after the fleeing suspects in the hijacked Toyota Quantum,” Kgasago said.

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“At the intersection of Hospital and Main Reef roads (near Kingsway), the police cornered the suspects who opened fire on the police.

“The police retaliated, and one wounded suspect was arrested while his accomplice disappeared into the dark.

“The K9 Unit’s efforts to locate the escaped suspect drew a blank.”

Kgasago said a 9mm toy gun was found on the floor of the recovered Toyota Quantum.

The arrested suspect was taken to Tembisa Hospital and is under police guard.

– Caxton News Service


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