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Manyi thanks Zuma for the 3.3% economic growth

Jimmy Manyi. (Photo by Gallo Images / Foto24 / Theana Breugem)

Jimmy Manyi. (Photo by Gallo Images / Foto24 / Theana Breugem)

The South African economy grew and Cabinet’s spokesperson believes the president is the man we need to show gratitude to.

Cabinet spokesperson Mzwanele “Jimmy” Manyi has thanked President Jacob Zuma for the 3.3% increase in economic growth on Wednesday.

“Thank you President Zuma,” wrote Manyi on Twitter, while responding to spokesperson for the department of international relations Clayson Monyela, who said: “The South African economy grew by 3.3% in the second quarter.”

The president, on the other hand, has congratulated government, business and labour for the “good news”. The presidency says the “unexpected growth” is due to an increase in manufacturing and mining.

“President Jacob Zuma has congratulated government, business and labour on the good news that the South African economy grew by a seasonally adjusted 3.3% in the second quarter, which was more than the 2.7% quarter which was expected by most economists.

“The unexpected growth announced by Statistics SA was driven by 8.1% increase in manufacturing and 11.8% in mining and quarrying. Exports are also up by 18% and imports down by 5%.”

Zuma said the increase in economic growth brought hope to the people, and also attributed the increase to the cooperation of different sectors of the economy, such as business and labour.

“The latest figures indicate that our economy is resilient and has the potential to grow even more despite the challenging domestic and global headwinds that it faces. This is very good news and gives hope to our people. We congratulate the social partners on this achievement. The cooperation between government, business, labour and the community sector has yielded results and can only take the country further towards inclusive growth and much-needed jobs,” said Zuma.

This week saw some members of the ruling party marching to the party’s headquarters, Luthuli House, under the hashtag #OccupyLuthuliHouse. They are calling for Zuma and the party’s entire national executive committee to resign. One of the organisers of the march, Mcebo Dlamini, said the aim was not to physically occupy the historic building, “but to occupy the minds of ANC members”, so that they can start to debate issues around the decline of party support in the 2016 local government elections.


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