National 7.9.2016 08:43 am

Elderly Helderkruin woman murdered

Nothing was stolen from house.

A woman in her 50’s, Lynette Beukes, was found murdered in her home in Banket Drive yesterday, Roodepooort Record reports.

Although details are still sketchy, someone close to the family said they believed that she went to the shops at around 2pm.

When she returned she either startled the suspects or was overpowered when she went to lie down — she complained earlier of feeling ill.

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Her son came by the house at about 4.30pm. Her husband arrived at the same time. Her husband said he was worried because she was not answering her phone.

When they entered, they could at first not find her so went outside again to look for her. Going back into the house they discovered her underneath a duvet next to the bed. It is believed that she was suffocated.

Nothing was stolen and the safe was opened but there were no firearms or other valuables inside.

A neighbour’s CCTV footage shows two suspects climbing over a wall and breaking into a small window of the house.

– Caxton News Service


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