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VIDEO: Centurion woman ambushed by gunmen at school

woman ambushed when dropping off her school kids.

woman ambushed when dropping off her school kids.

A 37-year old mother faced a terrible ordeal when two men ambushed her with a firearm while dropping off her children at school.

A petrified Centurion mother found herself staring down the barrel of a gun on Monday.

Two men ambushed the 37-year old woman as she was dropping off her children at Wierdapark Primary School, Centurion Rekord reports.

This happened while other children were roaming the school streets, making their way to the entrance.

Wierdabrug police spokesperson Captain Agnes Huma said the two men confronted the woman in a parking area at the school.

She had just removed her children’s bags from her car.

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One of them pointed a firearm at her while the other grabbed her ring from her finger and car keys.

“There were no injuries. An armed robbery docket was opened.”

Huma also said the culprits fled the scene in a silver Audi A3.

Jaco De Bruin, a representative from the schoolboard, said: “It is sad that this type of crime has now shifted to the parking areas outside schools.”

De Bruin said this was the first armed robbery in the vicinity of the school.

“The school board and school manager are taking this incident very seriously,” he said.

“We are doing the best we can to educate our learners to equip them for the future. What happened does not contribute positively.”

Orange Fox Security spokesperson Marcé Bester said the company accompanied the woman and her children home after the incident.

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