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Polokwane boy loses hand after firework accident

Kosie Wessels Photo: Child Medi Organisation

Kosie Wessels Photo: Child Medi Organisation

The boy, 7, ran to his mother screaming his hand was gone.

A seven-year-old Polokwane boy lost his hand in a firework accident.

Kosie Wessels’ hand was severed after the firecracker and matches he was playing with exploded on Saturday, Rekord Centurion reported.

Kosie is a pupil at Piet Hugo Primary School in Polokwane.

Caroline Strydom, Kosie’s mother, said she was cleaning and was under the impression that Wessels was outside playing when she suddenly heard an explosion from inside the house.

Wessels ran to her screaming his hand was gone.

Strydom said she immediately wrapped the wound in her shirt and ran outside with Kosie.

She stopped a driver and begged the stranger to take them to the hospital, as she is a single parent and does not have a vehicle of her own.

Due to the seriousness of the injury, doctors at Polokwane State Hospitalwere forced to amputate Wessels’s hand at the wrist.

“My brother-in-law cleaned the house as I could not go inside while Kosie’s blood were still everywhere. I cannot sleep; every time I close my eyes I see what is left of Kosie’s hand.”

Strydom said she was heartbroken at what had happened.

“My boy is in a lot of pain. He has suffered burn wounds all over his body.”

She said Wessels was awake and on a drip.

“He has begged me not to take off the bandages because he does not want to see the wound. He asked if the Lord would give him a new hand.”

According to Child Medi Organisation, Kosie’s wounds are septic and require immediate and specialised medical care.

The organisation is trying to raise money to transfer Kosie to a private hospital in Polokwane as soon as possible.

They already arranged for mother and son to see a therapist, and they said there was still a long road of healing in front of them.

Child Medi Organisation asked the public to pray for Wessels and to contribute any amount they can towards his medical care.

Donations can be made to:

Child Medi Organisation


Cheque acc, Acc no: 62632581056, Branch code: 250655, SWIFT code: FIRNZAJJ,

Reference: Kosie

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