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We will die to save the ANC – Occupy Luthuli House

Organisers of Occupy Luthuli House during a press briefing on Friday. Picture: Facebook

Organisers of Occupy Luthuli House during a press briefing on Friday. Picture: Facebook

The disgruntled ANC members are calling for Zuma to resign.

Organisers of the Occupy Luthuli House campaign have called on members of the public to join them in occupying ANC’s headquarters Luthuli House, on Monday.

The march is against President Jacob Zuma and the ANC’s national executive committee (NEC). The group of distgruntled ANC members is calling for Zuma to be recalled as president of the country. They are also calling for the NEC to be disbanded for allegedly failing to uphold values of the “liberation movement”.

Last week on Friday, members of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) brought the orgernisers’ press briefing to a complete halt, saying “this can’t be done in the name of the ANC”. They say Occupy Luthuli House organisers should not wear ANC regalia when they address the media as they are not elected members of the party.

“South Africans witnessed how the ANC has deteriorated, South Africans saw a micro reflection of how ordinary members of the ANC are silenced and dealt with in branches. Millions of South Africans saw why we have severely lost our moral high ground and why we are fast losing respect from society and no longer leading it,” wrote one of the organisers, Bonolo Ramikhele.

“South Africans saw why residents of Tshwane, particularly young people didn’t vote for the ANC. South Africans this is what we are fighting against.

“We wish to reassure millions of South Africans that as bleak as the situation might be, there are ANC members who are decisively ready to change this trajectory. We refuse to stand silently in our corners and watch this erosion unfold, we refuse to be intimidated and if need be will die to save the ANC.”

They called on all South Africans to join them in “occupying” the iconic ANC building.

“We therefore call upon members of society, members of the ANC and non-members to please come and join us tomorrow so that we correct these wrongs. Our generation will not sit and watch this. We will never realise our generational mission of economic freedom in our lifetime if we sit and protect patronage, anarchy and just watch the ANC die at the hands of parasitic conformists.”

The movement is calling for the following:

  • That the ANC immediately recall President Jacob Gedleyehlekisa Zuma as President of the Republic of South Africa
  • That NEC members follow suite and resign
  • We call upon stalwarts of the ANC to take us to a consultative conference by December 2016
  • The immediate implementation of conference Resolutions which will revive the ANC
  • Disbanding the fees commission as it undermines conference resolutions of free and quality education by 2014





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