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Joburg is not a ‘world class dump’ – Pikitup

Pikitup. Image courtesy :

Pikitup. Image courtesy :

The City of Joburg’s waste management entity, Pikitup, has responded to an allegation made by a daily newspaper recently which called the city a ‘world class dump’.

The article also hinted that the illegal dumping of mixed waste was encouraged by Pikitup’s high fees, reports the Roodepoort Record.

Pikitup’s spokesperson, Jacky Mashapu, noted the following:

  • A contracted service was used by Pikitup to clear 276 000 tons of illegal waste dumped across the city during the 2014/15 reporting period. This was a 21 per cent increase on the figures from the previous reporting period.
  • The cost of clearing the illegal and irresponsible dumping of waste by residents, business owners and contractors in and around Johannesburg amounted to over R50-million.
  • A total of 81 000 tons of dry green waste and builder’s rubble were diverted as part of Pikitup’s ‘separation at source’ programme. In the previous reporting period, 31 000 tons of waste were diverted.
  • Disposal of waste at the four active landfill sites, namely Marie Louise, Goudkoppies, Robinson Deep and Ennerdale, is regulated through by-laws. The tariffs for each site are council approved. According to the by-laws, any person making use of the landfill site to dispose of waste is required to pay a disposal fee.
  • The disposal of clean, non-contaminated builder’s rubble is accepted free of charge at the landfill sites.

“Pikitup will, in addition to the enforcement of the by-laws, promote education and awareness in order to ensure a litter-free Johannesburg,” said Mashapu.

Pikitup wants to emphasise that to keep the city clean, a collective effort is needed. Everyone’s cooperation is vital in maintaining Johannesburg as a World Class African City.

Residents and small businesses are urged to use the 42 strategically located green sites, which are provided free of charge, when disposing of small quantities of waste. They are reminded not to dispose of this waste in open spaces.

Tariffs for any other waste disposal, such as industrial waste, hazardous chemicals, paint, refuse removal outside CoJ, and safe disposal of perishable goods are available on Pikitup’s website.

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“The City of Joburg is your home and you should not trash it. Recycle, re-use and reduce,” said Mashapu.

Details: To report illegal dumping, contact Joburg Connect on 0860 562 574 or 011 375 5555.

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