Your life 1.9.2016 03:04 pm

Solange Knowles gives Pretoria Girls protester Zulaikha Patel a shout out

Image via Instagram.

Image via Instagram.

The American singer and sister of Beyonce gave ‘super rad’ Patel a shout out.

It seems that young Zulaikha Patel has gained the support and respect of international pop singer and general queen of style Solange Knowles. Patel became the face of the protest against Pretoria Girls High’s code of conduct that discriminates against the natural texture of black girls’ hair.

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Solange Knowles (sister to Beyonce Knowles) took to social media platform Twitter to voice her support of the movement led by Zulaikha Patel.  Knowles’ tweet read:

Knowles is known for her “woke” – politically conscious – tweets and her solidarity to the #BlackLivesMatter movements in America, so it is no surprise that she would resonate with the young ladies of Pretoria.


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