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Pretoria nightclub labelled a hijacking hotspot

Body of a boy badly mutilated found by police.

Body of a boy badly mutilated found by police.

The suspects target cars that park in dark places while the occupants are inside.

A popular nightclub in Ga-Rankuwa, Pretoria, has been labelled a major hijacking hotspot.

Police spokesperson Captain Mathews Nkoadi said several hijackings were reported from the nightclub almost every weekend, Rekord North reported.

He declined to reveal the name of the nightclub but urged motorists to be cautious, especially when driving along Molefe Makinta Road and around Zone 4 and Zone 16.

“The nightclub has become a major concern to the police,” said Nkoadi.

He said criminals targeted motorists, driving VWs and Audis, who parked outside the nightclub.

“They target cars that park in dark places, with the occupants inside,” he said.

“We want to warn motorists and nightclub patrons to guard against being hijacked,” he said.

He said the police had taken several steps to curtail hijackings in the area around the nightclub.

These included frequent police patrols and intelligence-driven “disruptive crime prevention operations” to derail criminals’ plans.

Nkoadi provided the following safety tips to prevent being hijacked:

  •  Avoid parking in dark place
  •  Always lock the doors
  •  Avoid sitting with girlfriends in the car in isolated areas

– Caxton News Service


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