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Durban schoolgirl killed while crossing road

Schoolgirl killed crossing a road.

Schoolgirl killed crossing a road.

The pupil was run over by a car while making her way to school.

Tragedy struck this morning when a young schoolgirl was knocked down by a car and killed as she was crossing Florida Road in Durban, Berea Mail reports.

According to eyewitness Louis Jacobs, the girl’s parents had stopped outside Europa to drop off the girl, her brother and a friend so she could go to school at Gordon Road Girls’ School.

“The brother and friend crossed the road, and as she was crossing and was close to a parked car, she was hit by a man driving a Golf. The front light of his car was damaged, but the girl was killed,” he said.

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Shocked and upset, Jacobs raised concerns about the ongoing problem of speeding on the road, and added he and two restaurant owners had almost been taken out by speeding cars.

“There’s been talk for four years about putting speed bumps in the road – something needs to be done! There have been so many accidents and near misses. Metro police based on the road can’t chase them on foot. I feel that, as in overseas countries, there should be a no under-25 limit on drivers of high-performance cars. These youngsters race up and down the road in Ferraris, Maseratis and BMWs, dicing each other,” he said.

– Caxton News Service 


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