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MTN rolls eyes at customer, Cell C steps in to help

Photo: Supplied

Photo: Supplied

The cellular giant’s attempt at trolling a customer seems to have backfired.

MTN found itself on the wrong side of Twitter on Wednesday after its response to a customer’s complaint was deemed inappropriate. A customer with username Nick v d H tweeted the cellular giant: “Well I’m glad to say that @MTNza services and support are Just as sh*t as it was when I was with Autopage. Outstanding!! (SIC).”

In response to the customer, MTN tweeted at him with a GIF of a child rolling her eyes, a response that angered users.

Some could not believe the response, with one user saying “this is what bad service looks like”. “Very bad response MTN … where’s you respect for your client base!” and “Soon you will have only your retrenchment letters to roll your eyes at…. Shockingly pathetic. Everyone leaving MTN” were responses from customers, while others simply threatened to leave the network.

“This is what happens when people are put in social media jobs without the aptitude to engage,” one user said.

This is when Cell C saw an opportunity and jumped in, offering to buy out the customer who complained in case he felt bound to a contract with the network. “Hi @elNicko_Za, @dawid22 feels you deserve better that having someone roll their eyes on you. Can we interest you in our ?^XD,” it tweeted.

After realising the stir it had caused, MTN asked the customer to send a message for assistance, but it seemed he had had enough, as he said it was okay since he had only one year to go on his contract.

“Well, that’s certainly some outstanding social media management there guys. Bravo. Only a year to go before I cancel,” he wrote.

One user just told the giant to leave the online trolls to Nando’s.

Do you think Twitter users blew the whole thing out of proportion, or was MTN wrong in its response to the customer?


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