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Newspaper-featured PTA cop arrests man reading the same paper

Photo: India

Photo: India

The suspect, Rekord East reports, was reading the Rekord when police saw him try to hide a bag of dagga.

An alleged drug addict in Brooklyn, in Pretoria East, got the surprise of his life when he was arrested by one of the police officers whose photo was on the front page he was reading.

‘The irony is that he was reading an article with the headline: Police are taking back the east.’

The man was reading the paper when the Pretoria Central cluster police in a crime prevention operation approached him on Wednesday, Rekord East reported.

Brooklyn police spokesperson Captain Colette Weilbach, who made the arrest, said the 21-year-old suspect was reading the Pretoria East Rekord in Nuwe Makleneuk. Weilbach happened to be the cop pictured in the article.

She said the officers started to suspect that he was trying to hide a small bag of dagga in his hand.

“His wallet was searched, and more dagga was found.”

She said the man did a double take, then realised the officer arresting him was the same one in a story about the Brooklyn police taking back the streets from criminals.

Weilbach said the man ran in an attempt to escape, but the police gave chase.

They caught him not far down the road.

The 21-year-old Zimbabwean national was arrested for dagga possesion.

He is expected to appear in court today.

“The irony is that he was reading an article with the headline: Police are taking back the east.”

The article read: “These types of crime operations are a strong signal to criminals that crime will not prevail, and police were succeeding in driving criminals out of Brooklyn.”

She said the man must have seriously gotten the message loud and clear.

– Caxton News Service


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