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Generations actress Maggie Benedict case postponed again

FILE PICTURE: Generations actress Maggie Benedict, also known as Akhona arrives with her lawyer, Jonathan Kaiser at the Randburg Magistrate's Court, 13 February 2014. The case was postponed. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark
Generations actress Maggie Benedict appeared in court briefly on Thursday afternoon as her shoplifting case was postponed for a second time since her arrest in December.

The actress is accused of allegedly stealing a packet of Panado tablets worth R17.90 at Checkers in Cresta Mall, Johannesburg.

She was originally detained at Linden police station, where she was released and warned to appear before the Randburg Magistrates Court.

The case was postponed earlier in January because the CCTV footage of the alleged shoplifting incident could not be transferred onto the defence team’s computer.

The actress walked up to court accompanied by her attorney and seemed calm and relaxed, dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and head scarf.

The proceedings took less than ten minutes and she used the back entrance to leave the court.

Both the defence and state asked the magistrate for postponement after going to view the video footage on Thursday morning.

The state asked for a postponement on the basis that the video footage seen by both the state and the defence was inconclusive and would not help the state make a decision on whether or not to go forward with the case.

According to Benedict’s attorney Jonathan Kaiser the footage did not show Benedict committing any crime, and that from the footage she could only be seen leaving the shop.

“The evidence that the state has is circumstantial,” said Kaiser.

Kaiser said that they would use this team to make a formal representation to the court to have the case dismissed.

“Because of the value of the alleged crime, it will surely be better not to proceed both for my client and that state,” said Kaiser.

Benedict who plays Akhona in the popular SABC 1 soapie will appear in Randburg Magistrates court again on 27 February.

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nomaswazi kunene2014-06-14 16:00:12
She forgot to pay it happens sometimes.
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Michael nongingi2014-05-28 11:04:58
They want to ruin yr reputation, mtanam nyamezela bayaku promoter.
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Pretty seluleko2014-04-12 01:23:34
Hello...ppl lyk seriously u mean a famous woman lyk Akhona cn steal panados...cme on..dats a lie,evryone cn c,she earn mor money nd sh cn buy thousnds of dz panado..mxm sme ppl r hrtless
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Ruwayda2014-03-10 16:04:25
Hey girl i had the same thing happen to me in 2009 at shoprite in germiston golden walk.i came from work going to buy milk for my 1 month old baby girl and they didnt had milk so i was rushing out to go and buy it at pick n pay and as i went out the security lady asked me to open my back she notice i had an open half a slap chocolate and a botle of used spry she claimed that i stole the chocolate that i bought a day ago at a local shop at home.they called the police and i went and slept in jail for 1 night.I had to waist my money to pay for a lawyer to only get the case kicked out because they had no proof what so ever.this is not fair what they are doing they need to pay for this
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nosive2014-03-08 12:49:41
I feel sorry for you grl
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mabote mponeng2014-03-03 21:46:32
De is no way dat magie could do sumthn like dis,dey want to ruin her name as dey did
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General2014-02-28 08:27:12
I feel sorry 4u gel
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Joseph2014-02-23 22:57:11
I don't think she stole it , Mybe she forgot to paid for it, She is earning more money at generation,
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David2014-02-14 14:41:47
Something is not right ,she could not have dòne it bcs she have 2 much 2 loose
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