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Caster shows off her Chappies wrapper

Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya

What’s better than winning Olympic gold? Being mentioned as a ‘Did You Know?’, of course.

A charming post by Olympic golden girl Caster Semenya has gone viral on Facebook after the 800m Olympic champion shared a photo she took of a Chappies wrapper.

She was clearly taken aback by seeing that Chappies fact number 497 says: “Caster Semenya was the first black South African woman to win a medal at the Olympic Games.”

The wrapper was referring to the silver medal she won in London in 2012, which she subsequently improved on with a devastating run to claim gold earlier this month in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Her reflections on seeing the wrapper were priceless: “During my childhood i used to read the “Did you knows” inside the chappies wrapper, but I’ve never thought that 1 day I’d read about myself.

“Look at God.”

Picture: Facebook

Picture: Facebook

She then used an emoji of a flexing arm and a cobra in reference to the famous gesture she makes at the end of her races, known as “the cobra”.



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