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Helen Zille was with us in the ANC – Sexwale

Tokyo Sexwale. Picture: Fifa

Tokyo Sexwale. Picture: Fifa

The billionaire says Zille ‘is not just some white woman’.

Over the past years, Western Cape premier Helen Zille has been labelled a racist by various people in South African politics. Most have accused her of being the defender of “white privilege” and of undermining black people. She’s even been called historically and politically charged names such as The Madam. Leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema once dismissed former DA MP Lindiwe Mazibuko as “a tea girl”, whose mere job at the “white party”, the DA, was “to make tea for Madam” Zille.

She has been called a racist so many times it now seems she no longer even knows what it means. But for former freedom fighter Tokyo Sexwale, Zille “is not just some white woman out there”, as he feels she was with the struggle and with the ANC during the years when it mattered most. The billionaire former minister of human settlements received some praise on Twitter after saying he worked with Zille in the ANC during an interview with Power FM.

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“Helen Zille is not just some white woman out there. She worked with us, she worked with me. She was in the ANC,” said Sexwale.

Prior to entering politics, the former DA leader and member of the Black Sash was an apartheid-era political journalist with the Rand Daily Mail. There are claims she discovered the “real” cause of Black Consciousness Movement leader Steve Biko’s death. She’s said to have been the one to reveal that Biko’s death was due to police brutality and not “natural causes”, as the apartheid government tried to claim at the time.

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Twitter user Graeme Tuck said, ‏”Wow, it is unusual and so good to hear a politician speak in this manner. Respect to #Sexwale for this!”.

However, another Twitter user, Unyana kaSusa Hlathi, thought: “The NEC [ANC national executive committee] members are speaking in tongues to each other & to members through a journo sickening”.

Here’s more of what Sexwale said during the interview:


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