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Woman wakes to find home intruders in bedroom

A terrified Sunward Park woman was roused from her sleep by two robbers standing over her bed.

According to a police report, the woman was asleep in her bedroom when she was awakened by a torch being shone into her face, Boksburg Advertiser reports.

She stirred to find two men in her bedroom just after 4am on Saturday, August 27, in Sunward Park, in Boksburg, Gauteng.

They demanded that she pull the duvet over her head, apparently so that they could avoid identification.

The thugs ransacked the house, stealing goods worth about R250 000. The stolen goods included cash, watches, whiskey, TV sets, DVD players, clothing and other valuables.

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In another crime story, a murder investigation is under way after a man’s body was found lying in the street of Jerusalem informal settlement, during the wee hours of August 26.

The circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear, but Boksburg police are trying to figure out who killed him.

Meanwhile, a Vosloorus woman told the police that she and her friend were raped by two men, in broad daylight, in Cinderella, on August 26.

One of the victims stated that she and her friend were initially confronted by the rapists while they were walking next to Checkers Hyper, in Boksburg.

The rapists took them to the nearby bushes, where one of the men instructed the other to rape her.

The two men then took the women to Cinderella Hostel, where they took turns raping them.

Anyone with information regarding these cases should contact the Boksburg Police Station on 011 841 6859.

– Caxton News Service.


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