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Granny’s grave gets its own RDP house

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

The late mother of six died before her dream of having a brick house could be realised.

Six women from Giyani, Limpopo, have made their mother’s dream of having a brick house come true. Phephu Jayela, who spent her life as a farmworker in the Giyani area, unfortunately died at the age of 89 while her RDP house was still being built.

Daily Sun reports that Jayela’s daughters knew their mother’s dream and worked hard to make it happen. Last month, they erected a tombstone on her grave and built a one-roomed brick house around her grave.

Speaking to the paper, one of her daughters Asnath Nkuna said people were amazed at what they had done for their mother, adding that their comments did not bother them, as they knew their mother worked hard to raise them in difficult circumstances.

“We hope now she will have peace. Although she is in the grave, we managed to make her dream come true,” she said.

The sisters erected a tombstone and built the house, which they fit with two sliding doors and windows.





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