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‘Chained’ pitbull kills toddler, mauls granny’s hand

Image credit: Thinkstock

Image credit: Thinkstock

A Cape Town toddler was savagely killed by a pet pitbull, which mauled her grandmother’s hand as she tried to protect her.

While the 18-month-old girl played with her grandmother, the pitbull managed to break free from its chains and attacked the child.

According to News24, Nowell Hendricks, the father of the toddler, said he didn’t know how his family would live without little Faith.

Faith and her grandmother Lientjie were in their Hermanus home when Bruno the pitbull started biting Faith’s legs.

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As the Lientjie frantically tried to stop the attack, a neighbour witnessed the brutal incident.

“I ran over and saw the dog attacking Faith. He shook her twice (by the neck), and she went still,” Clive Seigel said.

The dog then turned on Lientjie and nearly bit her hand off.

“Her hand was hanging from a sinew. There was so much blood. I am struggling to get the scene out of my head,” he said.

Faith and Lientjie were rushed to hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival, and Lientjie was stabilised. The toddler will be buried this weekend. The dog was put down by The Hermanus Animal Welfare Society.


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