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Police seek more evidence against ‘fraudsters’ in custody



Have you been defrauded by this pair? Police urge the public to come forward.

Randfontein police have two suspected infamous fraudsters in custody and are hoping to link them to further fraudulent motor vehicle transactions, Randfontein Herald reports.

credit and debit card transactions

credit and debit card transactions

“The two suspects, Kobus Kruger and Anita Potgieter, allegedly defrauded people by promising to sell them vehicles at repossession prices,” said Randfontein police spokesperson Captain Appel Ernst.

In other instances, she said, the suspects allegedly took vehicles from sellers, promising to sell them but made a dash with the money when payment was made.

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“These fraudulent transactions have been ongoing since at least September 2015, but it is possible that they were actively defrauding people even before then,” Ernst explained.

Warrant Officer Karlien Coombe said he was investigating the matter and indicated that the suspects were currently in custody.

The police are now calling on any person who might have been defrauded to urgently contact Warrant Officer Coombe on 011-278-8100.

– Caxton News Service


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