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Electricity safety is everyone’s business, says Eskom

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

Eskom has on Sunday repeated its call on South Africans to ensure they use electricity safely.

Eskom has on Sunday repeated its call on South Africans to ensure they use electricity safely.

Eskom on Monday (August 22) embarked on a week-long countrywide campaign to educate South Africans about using electricity safely and responsibly, the parastatal said in a statement.

“The aim of the annual Eskom National Electricity Safety Week is to make communities aware of the basics of safe electricity usage and the risks associated with electricity theft, meter tampering, bypassing, and illegal connections. We want people to know how to identify the dangers and what to do if or when they spot them.”

Eskom was continuously implementing public safety programmes to educate people on the proper use of electricity as well as on the dangers of illegal connections and the hazards involved with vandalising equipment, meter tampering, and cable theft.

“Electricity safety is critical to the people who use electricity, as increased awareness results in less crime, injuries, and fatalities related to the unsafe use of electricity,” Eskom said.

Eskom would not only like to increase awareness but also build partnerships, particularly with communities hardest hit by illegal use and theft of electricity. Ensuring that the whole of South Africa complied with the safe use of electricity was at the core of Eskom’s mandate and its objective was ensuring zero harm to employees, contractors, and members of the public.

It was vital for community structures, such as schools, hospitals, and small businesses and even families, to treat and use electricity with respect. “We want to encourage everyone to save lives and be electricity wise. In instances of the unsafe usage of electricity and illegal connections, people are exposed to risk and lives are affected.”

Eskom reminded all South Africans that although electricity was an essential part of life, it could be dangerous if not used correctly. Community members were urged to report any unsafe conditions or connections they came across by calling 08600 ESKOM (37566). This included any cases of dangerously exposed or low hanging cables, illegal connections, vandalism, cable theft, etc.

– African News Agency (ANA)


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