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LISTEN: Gareth Cliff ‘rape’ comments made Zuma laugh, says spokesperson

Gareth Cliff . Image courtesy: Twitter

Gareth Cliff . Image courtesy: Twitter

President Jacob Zuma was unfazed by Gareth Cliff’s controversial comments that he was raping the SA government of every last cent before he leaves office.

Instead Bongani Ngqulunga, spokesperson for the presidency, said Zuma simply laughed it all off and said that was what anyone would expect of Cliff.

“He has a very cheerful personality, and he does not take some of the attacks against him personally. He is a politician, he chose to be a politician, and it comes with the position,” Ngqulunga said.

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Cliff took to his radio show this week to blast Zuma after hearing he had set up a council to oversee state enterprises. Added to this, the news the Hawks were pursuing Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, Cliff fired off a series of strong statements.

“Can you believe this president of ours? What is wrong with this guy? He’s got this thing about state capture, his whole point, his whole purpose.

“Now he realises that power is starting to slip away from him, so he’s on a massive greed binge, and he’s trying to get as much money out of the system as he can,” he said.

 Listen to Ngqulunga below

Audio of Cliff’s comments below



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