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WATCH: How Malema predicted Gordhan’s arrest

Julius Malema. Picture: Jacques Nelles

Julius Malema. Picture: Jacques Nelles

The EFF commander in chief always seems to know things no one else does. He’s pretty accurate, it seems, at predicting the future too.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) CIC Julius Malema has recently made accusations against his fellow politicians that have left South Africans in stitches.

He always seems to know things no one else does. Lately, it seems, he’s pretty accurate at predicting the future too.

Earlier this month, he accused Mabala Noise boss and ANC Youth League treasurer-general Reggie Nkabinde of giving his newly signed artists R5 million each. Nkabinde denied the claims, and later said suing Malema for the claims was “a waste of time”.

However, things took a turn for the worse when one of the label’s artists, Khanyi Mbau, came out and confirmed she had been given “lots of money”, denying it was R5 million, though she refused to disclose the figure.

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Now amid the uproar over the Hawks’ summons of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, Malema seems to have known about exactly what was going to happen long before we voted on August 3.

Gordhan was on Tuesday told he would be have to present himself to the Hawks’ offices in Pretoria for a “warning statement” prior to being charged with an offence or even arrested. His former colleagues from the revenue service went, as requested, this morning, but Gordhan said he was too busy working and had no obligation to present himself to the Hawks.

The basis of the case by the cops against the minister is still not clear and legal experts said on Thursday that the elite police unit didn’t seem to be using the same set of laws as the rest of the country to conduct their investigation.

Malema, it seems, already knew all of this was going to happen.

In a video posted on YouTube on Wednesday by My Africa, the EFF leader foresees the future with journalists during campaigning before the elections.

This was how Malema played sangoma:

“Zuma appointed Van Rooyen as a minister of finance. He got into trouble. Business put pressure to remove Van Rooyen and put Pravin.

“And when Zuma put Pravin, Zuma’s people came to me and said, ‘We don’t want Pravin, and we know you guys don’t want Pravin, so please write questions to the president so that the president can answer genuinely and honestly so that we create cloud around Pravin.’

“And we said, ‘We’re not going to be part of that.’ And I was informed last week that the Guptas came back for their liquidation case and then they told the liquidators not to worry about liquidation because Pravin is going to be arrested and, once Pravin is arrested, then he is going to be removed.

“Because the argument is going to be that ‘we cannot have a minister who is facing serious charges as a minister of finance, then he will be removed and they will put a minister who will be their choice.

“And once they put a minister of their choice, the liquidation case against the Guptas will then disappear.

“Pravin has got shares in all the banks. How can he regulate the banks when he’s got shares himself?

“So he’s not our favourite, but we’re happy that there is some sense of stability. We have to choose between two devils; one devil is called Pravin, the other devil is called Van Rooyen. Therefore Pravin is a better devil.”

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