National 24.8.2016 06:26 pm

North West mom shares pic of privates on ‘school’ WhatsApp

Picture: AFP

Picture: AFP

A meme took over Twitter when a mom from Schweizer-Reneke, North West, accidentally shared a picture of her privates on a school WhatsApp group for parents of hockey players.

In a screen grab of the conversation, a woman known as ‘Margharet V Wyk’ shared an intimate snap, meant for a man named Chris on the WhatsApp group.

In the message thread the mom immediately apologised, and added the picture was meant for Chris, believed to be her husband. Although there is no proof that it was the sender in the pic, the steamy faux pass captured the imagination of Twitter, with the hashtag #MargaretVanWyk trending late afternoon.

Unfortunately the humiliation seems to have led to the woman deleting her Facebook account on August 24, supposedly due to bullying. As a result, people seems to have sided with her, saying that it’s unnecessary to make a mockery of her mistake. ALSO READ: Open letter to that British loser who moaned about Caster Earlier this year Kim Kardashian shared a steamy selfie of herself on Twitter without a stitch of clothing. The selfie produced heavy discourse in America, where many believed the picture was a statement against body-shaming and slut-shaming. Many saw the Kardashian saga as empowering for women, so they can start appreciating their bodies without embarrassment or shame. Now its South Africa’s turn for the same discourse.


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