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Gordhan must surrender to Hawks and get it over with – Holomisa

FILE PICTURE: President of the United Democratic Movement Bantu Holomisa. Picture: Nigel Sibanda.

FILE PICTURE: President of the United Democratic Movement Bantu Holomisa. Picture: Nigel Sibanda.

UDM leader Bantu Holomisa says Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan should just get in his car and settle the matter with the elite crime-fighting unit once and for all.

According to Holomisa, there’s no need for Gordhan to consult his legal advisers.

Speaking to broadcaster eNCA on Wednesday afternoon, Holomisa said his party would like to see the saga over the so-called Sars rogue unit that Gordhan is alleged to have established to spy on prominent leaders while also running a brothel, finalised as soon as possible.

The allegations about the brothel and the illegal nature of the unit have already largely been discredit, however, with the newspaper that published the allegations having already retracted most of its stories into the matter.

“Once an issue is related to the breaking of the law by an individual, than the benefit of doubt should be given to the investigators. I don’t dismiss the views of other people but no one is above the law. He should avail himself – there’s not even a need to consult legal advisers or that nonsense,” Holomisa said.

He said news of the Hawks pursuing Gordhan had created uncertainty and raised too many questions about President Jacob Zuma’s possible meddling in the unit’s investigations.

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However, he said “everybody should be given an opportunity to state his or her case” if summoned by law enforcement agencies.

“He must just take his car, go and answer the questions, and than after that let the Hawks proceed with their investigations. If they want to arrest him it’s fine. They must arrest him and charge him, but we are not sangomas [African traditional healers] – we can’t speculate. He must follow the channels.”

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He also told the 24-hour news channel that the Hawks should forward their docket to the National Prosecuting Athority to have the last word on the matter, should they have a prima facie case against the minister after meeting with him.

Listen to audio of Gordhan saying he will not meet the Hawks



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