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Soweto voters unfair on ANC – Masina

Mzwandile Masina. File Picture: Michel Bega

Mzwandile Masina. File Picture: Michel Bega

Ekurhuleni’s new mayor thinks the ruling party can’t be faulted on service delivery and the media was too fixated on national issues prior to the elections.

Newly elected executive mayor of Ekurhuleni Mzwandile Masina believes voters in Soweto, among other places, were unfair to the ANC in the light of what he says the ANC has delivered.

He was speaking during an interview with the SABC.

Masina believes the ruling party has done “extremely well” in terms of delivering services in Soweto and the whole country. He blames the media for treating the local government elections as if they were national elections. He says if the ANC were judged on the services it had delivered, it would have won on a much bigger scale, because the ANC “has done all the things we were supposed to be doing”.

“I still cannot understand why the people of Soweto, the people of Ebayi in the Eastern Cape and the people of Tshwane have deserted the ANC when we’ve delivered so much. As the ANC we have said we’ll have to go back and self-introspect … to see some of the issues. But I think that we can’t be faulted on service delivery. We have done all the things we were supposed to be doing.

“But there are some internal issues that we’ll be dealing with. The party is considering a number of other things to re-look into our position or standing as a party … to renew the organisation itself.

“But in terms of service delivery, I think the ANC-led government throughout the country has done extremely well.

“If it were about what the ANC has been able to deliver, I can bet you, we could have won out-rightly Johannesburg, Tshwane, iBayi [Nelson Mandela Bay].

“I think we will be given a second chance to correct or to self-correct all the shortcomings that South Africans would have thought about.

Masina agrees that there “are some pockets of corruption” that need to be addressed in the ruling party.

“On the issue of corruption, all of us agree. I think there’s overemphasis that in general the ANC runs a corrupt government. There are some pockets of corruption that have been picked up. That is why we have worked with law enforcement agencies to strengthen those areas so that we can ensure we run corruption-free governments.”

The ANC lost Tshwane, Nelson Mandela Bay and Johannesburg to the DA. They are now led by new mayors Solly Msimanga, Athol Trollip and Herman Mashaba, respectively.


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