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‘Preacher’ refuses to pay for meals in restaurants

Bramely Zwane refuses to pay for meals at restaurants.

Bramely Zwane refuses to pay for meals at restaurants.

The man claiming to a preacher allegedly produced a PEP chip card at Spur, then entered a pin number and started laughing.

At least half a dozen restaurants have already banned him from visiting their place of business, but this was not before he enjoyed meals at the Midwater Spur in Aerorand and Middelburg Dros, Middelburg Observer reports.

Bramley Zwane of Extension 8, Mhluzi, was forced to sign over his cellphone last Friday at the Midwater Spur under the supervision of the Middelburg police, on condition that it would be returned upon payment of a R171.80 bill.

Yvonne Mahlangu, manager at the Buffalo Lake Spur, said that he ordered a 500g T-bone steak and a large Coke. When he finished the meal he told the waiter he was unable to pay.

“He produced a PEP chip card. He then entered a pin number and started laughing,” said Mahlangu.

The card declined, and that’s when management called police.

“He said he was going to Nando’s after he left us. He targets places where you eat first then pay,” she said.

Zwane also conned the Dros on Friday and again on Saturday. He ordered a takeaway meal, and when he was asked to pay, he explained that he had no money. The Dros declined to give him the food, and he left.

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According to a statement by Andre Oberholzer from the Dros, Zwane returned the next day and ordered breakfast. He admitted later that he had no money.

“He handed me a bill from Buffalo Lake Spur and said that he did not pay there and would not pay here,” Oberholzer stated.

They then contacted Mid-Alarms to take Zwane to the police.

Restaurants have now banned him from their premises and have warned others to be aware of the man.

– Caxton News Service


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