National 24.8.2016 11:14 am

Cosatu condemns UFS ‘racist’ urine attack on security guard

Mmapaseka Mokhutli, UFC security guard.

Mmapaseka Mokhutli, UFC security guard.

Three white students allegedly threw urine in a black female security guard’s face.

Cosatu in the Free State has condemned the alleged racist act of three white students from the University of the Free State (UFS) who poured urine over a black female security guard last week.

The federation has described the incident as barbaric and intolerant after security guard Mmapaseka Mokhutli claimed the students were trying to exit the Bloemfontein campus without access cards when she confronted them, and they threw liquid from a blue bottle at her, which she believed was urine.

“We share the pain‚ humiliation and embarrassment which the poor worker may have felt when this incident took place. We condemn these white barbarians and bigots‚ who have attacked and humiliated this worker in such a sordid fashion‚” Cosatu said in a statement.

Mokhutli told SABC news: ‘’The time I was focused on the driver, the passengers took the bottle, the blue one, they throw me with a liquid in my face. After that they are driving to move on, they are laughing me (sic).’’

UFS has since than launched an investigation into the matter and the students are reportedly facing a disciplinary hearing.

The union also has a bone to pick with the university after Afrikaans-speaking students were handed a test question paper with answers provided on Tuesday, whereas an English version of the paper did not have answers.

“This is naked racism‚ which must be fought and defeated once and for all. This is how these white institutions promote white supremacy through cheating‚ and keep Africans outside the strategic sectors of the economy of the country. We are calling for a serious investigation of this incident,” the union said.

UFS spokesperson Lacea Loader said the incident was a mistake on the part of the lecturer involved and the matter was investigated, and the test was set aside.


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