National 23.8.2016 01:04 pm

Cops shoot at the media in Mamelodi

Picture: Virginia Keppler

Picture: Virginia Keppler

The Citizen’s reporter was covering an eviction on Tuesday morning and narrowly missed being hit while cops were shouting ‘Voetsek’ at the media.

Mamelodi residents who occupied newly built houses illegally in Extension 4 were forcibly evicted early this morning by the Red Ants.

The residents said they moved into the houses last week Friday because they were standing empty, and the people were homeless and needed shelter.

Donald Mazimbuku said they obtained the keys to the houses and moved in.

“We voted for the Democratic Alliance and now they must deliver. We want Mayor Solly Msimanga to come and address us because we voted for him,” he said.

There is a line drawn between two groups of these people, however, as Dumisani Zulu claims not all of them are DA supporters.

“This is ANC land and we should be the occupants of these houses.”

He said these houses were built under the governance of the ANC and those who voted for the ANC must have first privilege.

Police at the scene were hostile to reporters and journalists. They fired shots at them as they were standing talking to a group of people who were not showing any signs of violence at the time. The Citizen understands (and hopes) that the shots fired were rubber bullets, and one bullet only narrowly missed its reporter.

Police also tried to stop photographers from taking pictures, saying “voetsek” to them as Red Ants and the police were kicking and beating the residents.

Residents claim the Red Ants robbed them of their belongings.


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