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Masina elected mayor of Ekurhuleni

We bring you a live report as Ekurhuleni council elects new mayor. Refresh the page for new updates.

4:55 Councillor Mzwandile Masina elected as executive mayor of Ekurhuleni.

4:55 Total votes 224.

4:54 IEC says the elections were free, fair and transparent.

4:53 Speaker now calls for order. She asks all councillors to be seated.

4:30 Parties agents and councillors sing as they await results of the vote.

4:30 Voting has ended.

4:10 Voting continues to run smoothly.

4:01 IEC declares the voting station open. Councillors are called one-by-one to come and cast their ballots for the new Ekurhuleni mayor.

4:00 Speaker hands over the process to the IEC.

3:54 Councillor Mampuru of the EFF asked for a two minutes break so an EFF councillor can take his medication.

3:30 Speaker suspends proceeding so IEC can prepare ballot papers.

3:28 Cachalia is asked why he registered as a resident of Ekurhuleni while he’s not. But Speaker Khumalo dismisses the “point of order”.

3:27 DA’s Cachalia nominated for Ekurhuleni mayoral position, and he accepts.

3:22 The speaker seconds Masina. He says Masina would not have been sworn in if he was still being employed and paid by the state.

3:20 Masina says he has rendered his resignation. The DA councillor insists on “a definitive answer” on whether Masina is still a remunerative employee of parliament.

3:19 Masina accepts the nomination. DA councillor wants Masina to declare that he’s not a remunerative employee of the council.

3:18 Nomadlozi Nkosi seconds Masina’s nomination.

3:16 Masini is yet to accept the nomination.

3:15 The DA contends that Masina is not eligible to stand for mayor because he’s still a “remunerative person”. But the speaker dismisses the call from the DA.

3:14 Councillor Petros Mabunda nominates councillor Mzwandile Masina for the position of mayor.

3:13 She promises that the process will be faster. She says there may be no debates on the nominations.

3:08 Speaker calls for all councillors to return to the house so they can proceed with the elections.

2:45 EFF asks for a “10 minutes caucus”, and the speaker grants it. They then burst into a song praising Malema. The ANC sings that “Malema is psychologically” challenged.

2:43 She welcomes the EFF, AIC and PA. She says despite having different views, they need to work together.

2:42 She says she’ll remain humble and honest.

2:20 ANC’s Patricia Khumalo has been re-elected as speaker of Ekurhuleni council.

2:19 As voting continues, here are some memes that will put a smile on your face:

2:15 Counting of votes continues smoothly.

2:07 Voting for speaker of Ekurhuleni council is now concluded. Councilers now sing “struggle songs”.

1:52 Voting continues to run smoothly.

1:39 ANC mayoral candidate Mzwandile Masina casts his vote for the Ekurhuleni Speaker.

1:25 The voting process for the speaker begins.

1:15 The EFF raise the “secret ballot” again.

1:13 EFF again rise to accept the clarification from the IEC. He says, however, that the process is not regulated by the electoral act.

1:12 IEC makes a ruling that councillors come individually to come to the fore to take the ballots instead of using the ID books.

1:08 The DA seconds the EFF on the ID books issue. The presiding officer calls the IEC to make a ruling on the matter.

1:03 The quarreling continues as the EFF continues to throw unending “point of orders”.

12:59 Councillors now take out ID books. “On a point of order,” the EFF says the councillors must “not cloud issues”.

12:57 The presiding officer says she’ll do a roll call again. But the EFF says “you don’t understand what we want”.

12:55 EFF  insists on the verification of ID documents.

12:53 DA councillor says “that’s why we asked for the validation of ID books”.

12:53 The presiding officer now confirms the names.

12:51 EFF councillor shouts at the presiding officer for “rushing the process”. They need validation of ANC councillor’s name.

12:49 EFF councillors are debating councillor names.

12:15 Members of the IEC are busy preparing the ballot papers.

12:09 Leader of the EFF Julius Malema slated social commentator Khaya Dlanga for the comment he made about EFF voting for the DA.

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11:59 The proceeding will be adjourned for 15 minutes as the IEC prepares the ballot papers.

11:55 The EFF now starting the vote secrecy debate. And it’s “madam speaker” from this EFF councillor to another “madam speaker” from another EFF councillor.

11:52 EFF councillor suggests that there shouldn’t be debates of the nominated speakers once the voting process starts.

11:50 Charlotte Shabangu is also nominated for speaker and she accepts the nomination.

1149 Councillor accepts the nomination.

11:48 Vivian Chauke seconds Khumalo’s nomination.

11:48 Masina nominates Patricia Khumalo as speaker of the council.

11:43 Ekurhuleni is a Xitsonga word which means “the place of peace”.

11:40  ANC Ekurhuleni mayoral candidate Mzwandile Masina was among the first group of councillors to be sworn.

11:36 Now it’s time for doing a roll call.

11:32 She says people have a right to vote in secrecy. The debate of “vote secrecy” caused a stir on the Joburg council when the EFF required that all it councillors should show their ballots after voting. The IEC said this was against legislation.

11:31 The presiding officer says they will be using the “technical abilities” of the IEC.

11:29 The process is to running smooth without disruptions.

11:27 The presiding officer now reads the rules of the election process.

11:22 Now it’s time to elected Speaker of Ekurhuleni. On Tuesday, DA’s Vasco Da Gama was elected speaker of the Johannesburg council.

11:21 All the councillors have now been sworn in.

11:18 Another group of councillors are called to the stage. They opt to be addressed in English.

11:15  The are now reading the oath in Afrikaans.

11:13 Another group councillors are called to the stage.

11:00 Councillors are now reading the oath. They all agree to the terms and conditions. Now they are signing their certificates.


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