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KZN sex video teen attempts suicide

The Grade 11 pupil who was filmed having sex with her teacher tried to take her own life by overdosing on sleeping tablets on the weekend.

The girl said she wanted to escape the humiliating scrutiny the exposure the video had brought.

Speaking to The Sowetan, she said she took a handful of sleeping pills and couldn’t stop vomiting thereafter. Her parents rushed her to the Charles Johnson Memorial  Hospital, where she was admitted.

After the ordeal, the teen, who is also pregnant, said she had been constantly taunted by her community.

“Since the sex video came out, residents in our area have been calling names, such as isifebe incane who has no shame sleeping with such an old man. I tried not to put that in my mind, but I failed. I have been getting pressure from my parents, who keep saying I am a disgrace to the family,” said the teen.

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She added she was still dating the teacher, had no regrets about the relationship, as they “were in love”.

Meanwhile, MEC of Education Mthandeni Dlungwane has promised that children at Ekucabangeni High School in Nquthu, KwaZulu-Natal, would receive counselling following the sex video scandal that rocked the area this week, reports the Northern KwaZulu-Natal Courier.

A self-made video surfaced of a teacher at the school having sex with schoolgirls.  The incidents took place in a cottage on the school premises, where the teacher stayed.  Furious school children set fire to the cottage.

Students claimed to have taken possession of muthi and pornographic material found inside the cottage.  The teacher has since fled the area.  MEC Dlungwane opened a charge against the teacher at the Nquthu Police Station.

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At least five school girls have come forward and said the teacher had had sex with them in the cottage and videoed the sessions.  The video went viral on social media after schoolboys found the memory card while washing the teacher’s car.

It is believed he selected girls from poor backgrounds, bought groceries for their families and managed to coerce them into performing sexual acts with them.  The girls are said to be traumatised and staff and other pupils at the school in a state of shock.

The MEC has promised that counsellors would be sent to the school and plans made to renovate the school, which is said to be in a poor condition.

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