National 20.8.2016 08:01 am

Court halts Stellenbosch University SRC elections

Photo: Supplied

Photo: Supplied

AfriForum has approached the courts to halt Stellenbosch University’s SRC elections over the disqualification of its candidates.

The Western Cape High Court yesterday instructed that no student council election will be held at the University of Stellenbosch (US) before the university’s student court provides AfriForum’s candidates with reasons for their disqualification from the student council election and they are afforded the opportunity to appeal against it.

AfriForum approached the court with an urgent application to restore the candidature of the eight SRC candidates. An arrangement was reached between the parties, which entails US providing reasons for the student court’s verdict by Monday, Afriforum said yesterday. It will enable the candidates to review the verdict or to appeal against it.

This follows a series of orders by the student court that AfriForum claims led to the exclusion of AfriForum candidates from future SRC elections. “This arrangement is a clear admission by the US that they have, up until now, acted maliciously and procedurally unjust towards AfriForum’s candidates.

The fact that we first had to approach the high court before we could be heard, underlines this,” said Bernard Pieters, AfriForum Youth’s Maties campus coordinator. “We are here to stay,” said Pieters.


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