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Parent ‘burns’ teacher over natural hair dispute

An African girl writing  in classroom.

An African girl writing in classroom.

The father had a simple request: for the teacher to let his kid flourish like other kids.

In a continued debate over natural hair on the Twitter streets, one user shared a screengrab of what appears to be a conversation between a school teacher and the pupil’s father. In the conversation, the teacher apologises for sending the message late and continues to tell the parent, Mr Moremi, about the inappropriateness of his son’s natural hair. This did not sit well with Mr Moremi.

Read the conversation below:

Teacher: Hey there Mr Moremi, I’m texting you to notify you about Junior’s hair. It looks inappropriate for our school uniform. We’d be happy if he cut it. Brush or bald will be acceptable thank you. Sorry for delivering this message so late.

Parent: I visit the school several times and I’ve never came across a white kid with brush or bald, they all have their hair. Please let my kid flourish like other kids with his beautiful black natural hair. Thank you.


Natural hair dispute.

Natural hair dispute.

This teacher got burnt so badly we don’t think they will be sending messages to parents complaining about their kids’ natural hair any more. The father had a simple request: for the teacher to let his kid flourish like other kids.

The natural hair debate has been fought on Twitter for years, with celebrities not shy to share their thoughts on the matter. Last month, one Twitter user found it necessary to criticise Florence Masebe’s natural hair, implying that choosing not to comb her hair was a sign that she did not love herself.

Let’s just say the user got more than she bargained for, as Masebe struck back with the hashtags #KeepYourComb, #CombsDown and #HoboKeMmao to address the natural-hair-vs-weave debate, with other people tweeting pictures of their “hobo look”.

“I’m told this is a ‘hobo look’. And ga ke ithate. Next time I’ll drag people to Venda and back. Le a ntlwaela,” she tweeted, asking the user who they thought they were to instruct her to comb her hair.

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