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Black Mambas tackle poaching

Members of the Black Mamba Anti Poaching Unit.

Members of the Black Mamba Anti Poaching Unit.

The award-winning Black Mamba Anti Poaching Unit is made up of mostly women, who are determined to fight poaching.

The current rhino poaching crisis in South Africa has led to the establishment of the Black Mambas Anti Poaching Unit, Letaba Herald reports.

It was established in 2013 by Transfrontier Africa, with the aim of protecting rhinos and all wildlife.

It began with six members and has grown to 36 rangers in total.

“We have chosen women for this unit because females are the most responsible individuals in the community; they take care of their homes, raise kids and are caring beings,” said head warden Craig Spencer.

Members of the Black Mamba Anti Poaching Unit drilling.

Members of the Black Mamba Anti Poaching Unit drilling.

Since the formation of this unit, it has managed to wipe out snaring of other wildlife by 76% and has made successful arrests, investigations and sentencing of poachers.

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Last year they were named Champions of the Earth in the United Nations Environmental Programme, where they received the award in New York.

The award came as a result of 18 months without poaching of any animals in the reserve.

“I love my job because I get to protect the wildlife and the environment,” said one of the rangers Nkateko Mzimba.

The unit forms part of the partnership between Transfrontier Africa, South Africa National Parks (SANParks) and the department of environmental affairs’ extended public works environmental monitor programme.

“Our mission is to make the Greater Kruger National Park area the most difficult, undesirable and risky area to poach in,” said Balule Nature Reserve head warden, Craig Spencer.

Spencer urged South Africans to protect its wildlife, as other countries were doing with their indigenous animals.

The Black Mambas also has an environmental educational programme, in which they embark on community and school awareness campaigns that teaches locals about the importance of anti-poaching principles and protecting the environment.

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