National 18.8.2016 04:31 pm

Shivambu taunts ANC as DA takes Mogale City

Floyd Shivambu. File picture: Sabrina Dean/OFM

Floyd Shivambu. File picture: Sabrina Dean/OFM

EFF’s deputy commander-in-chief Floyd Shivambu taunted the ANC after his party and the DA effectively took control of Mogale City.

A triumphant Shivambu boasted that the EFF had unseated the ANC, adding that the unraveling of the ruling party’s power had just begun.

Shivambu was relishing in the EFF’s role in taking control of the council as he recalled how ANC mayoral candidate Peace Mabe had treated them in parliament.

Yesterday EFF leader Julius Malema announced his party would not form a coalition with the ‘racist’ DA, insisting it would instead vote the opposition into power in councils that were hung.

Malema said although the DA was a party of white supremacists, they were the better devils in comparison to the ANC.

“The DA is a better devil. The ANC is a protector of white capital,” he lamented.

Of the ANC, Malema said because they couldn’t reach a deal on removing president Jacob Zuma from government, the EFF had shelved any plans to form a coalition with them.

The DA-EFF are set to take five key metros in South Africa, including Ekurhuleni, Tshwane, Nelson Mandela Bay and Johannesburg.

See map breakdown of these metros below.


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