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AfriForum wants ‘I’ll kill all you whites’ municipal official fired

Image credit: Able Stock

Image credit: Able Stock

The minority-rights group says it won’t let the cases of an allegedly racist traffic officer and municipal director end without a fight.

AfriForum says it has asked for the immediate dismissal of two government workers for alleged racism and hate speech.

They are named in AfriForum’s statement. One is a provincial traffic officer in Ermelo, the other a top official at the Msukaligwa Local Municipality.

‘I’ll kill the whole lot of you’

In the one incident it writes about, AfriForum claims an Ermelo resident made a case against the municipal official for allegedly making death threats and racist comments. According to AfriForum, the district’s prosecutor made a decision for unknown reasons not to prosecute the case, but they are not willing to accept that outcome.

The accuser in the case alleges that the man “shouted at two white men while reaching for his firearm”. The men then allegedly fled in their vehicle. When the accused man realised that the Ermelo man and his daughter had witnessed the incident, he allegedly threatened them too, saying: ““Who the f**k are you, you white piece of s**t!” and then said “I will kill the whole lot of you!”

According to AfriForum, the man concerned had been charged with attempted murder before and had allegedly also killed an Ermelo police officer – without being found guilty in that case of committing murder.

‘You white people stole all the land’

In the other incident, in AfriForum’s statement, they claim to have five affidavits stating that a black traffic officer allegedly committed racism and hate speech towards a white businessman and his son on 30 June.

The Ermelo man and his son were driving behind each other and the officer is said to have pulled the son over in his bakkie to give him a fine for allegedly not using a seatbelt.

When the father came to investigate, the traffic officer allegedly told him that white people had stolen all the land and that was why they were so rich.

According to AfriForum’s statement, the officer then allegedly told them they first needed to be “educated” on how to talk to him or he would arrest them, deregister their vehicle and ensure they’d never be allowed back on the road.

AfriForum says it is launching a campaign for the removal of both men from their positions.




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