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Former Springbok weightlifter denied bail for dagga cultivation

A marijuana plant. Picture Thinkstock

A marijuana plant. Picture Thinkstock

The accused instructed his daughter to destroy the evidence, and she was caught trying to move the dagga plants to another part of the premises.

A former Springbok weightlifter who was arrested earlier this month for cultivating dagga has appeared in the Roodepoort Regional Court on the West Rand.

The investigating officer told the court that on the day of the arrest, while the police were waiting for a search warrant at the suspect’s house, his 16-year-old daughter alerted him to the police’s presence since he was not at his home in Roodepoort West.

He then instructed his daughter to destroy the evidence, which she did by moving the dagga plants to another part of the premises.

The police caught her in the act though. When the man arrived home he asked the police if he could change his clothes, but when he was alone he also tried to destroy evidence by trying to flush some dagga down the toilet. Unfortunately for him it did not flush away properly, and the police found the dagga floating in the toilet bowl.

Dagga biscuits (so-called space cakes) and lamps used in the cultivation process were also confiscated, Roodepoort Record reported.

The accused’s lawyer argued that, based on the investigating officer not opposing bail, the fact that he had a fixed address, that his passport was confiscated, his business was being neglected and his house was broken into while in jail, he should be granted bail.

Presiding Magistrate Delize Smith denied bail, saying the court’s first interest is the children. The man’s nine-year-old son also lives with him.

In the light of the father instructing his teenage daughter to destroy evidence and the fact that dagga was cultivated on the property, Smith felt the children were in danger, and therefore she could not grant bail until social workers proved otherwise.

The accused will appear again in court again on August 23.

– Caxton News Service


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