National 18.8.2016 06:55 am

Malema gets his revenge

EFF commander-in-chief Julius Malema briefs the media. File Picture: Neil McCartney

EFF commander-in-chief Julius Malema briefs the media. File Picture: Neil McCartney

He said that what made him particular happy was that no matter where Zuma went, home or work, he did so in places now not controlled by the ANC.

Four years after being kicked out of the ANC, Julius Malema yesterday got his revenge when he in effect kicked the ANC out of Tshwane and Johannesburg.

The EFF leader confirmed that his party had not entered into coalition agreements with either the ANC or the Democratic Alliance, but that it would be voting with the DA in Gauteng. Malema stressed that the EFF was not prepared to be in government with the ANC.

He said: “We cannot go for a re-election because these crooks [referring to the ANC] are going to intimidate our people to vote for them … hey, you will see food parcels playing a big role. If we decide on a rerun, the ANC will show us flames, but if you take away Tshwane, Joburg and Nelson Mandela Bay from them, you have taken away a powerful tool of the ANC.

“What makes us even happier is that [President Jacob] Zuma is staying in a municipality that is not governed by the ANC. He works in a municipality that is not under the ANC rule and he also accounts to a municipality that is not ANC-controlled.”

Malema said votes for the DA in Gauteng and for the IFP in KwaZulu-Natal meant the ANC’s arrogance was being destroyed, bit by bit. With regard to powerful positions in the metros, such as that of mayor or speaker, Malema said his party was not a place for opportunists who wanted to bargain for positions.

“The EFF must get into power through popular mandate and, in the absence of that, we know our place, which is the opposition. The EFF’s position is that the people must tell you that you deserve to be in power and they must do that through voting for the EFF.

If you don’t get that popular mandate, it means people have rejected what you stand for, meaning you have to go out there and do more work to educate society about what your party stands for,” Malema said.

“When you get into power through the arrangement of a coalition, you will never work hard to popularise and educate people about how your party’s policies are going to benefit them. We as the EFF do not suffer from an uncontrollable ambition for power,” Malema said.


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