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‘London has spoken’ in EFF-DA agreement, says Mngxitama

Lord Robin Renwick with Julius Malema. Picture: EFF official Twitter account

Lord Robin Renwick with Julius Malema. Picture: EFF official Twitter account

In the wake of the EFF ‘handing power’ to the DA in several key metros, an old conspiracy theory has emerged yet again.

Black First Land First (BLF) leader Andile Mngxitama’s earlier happiness at reports that the EFF would be rejecting a coalition with the “racist” DA turned to rage after EFF leader Julius Malema revealed that his party would be voting for the DA in several key metros, against the ANC.

This, in effect, has handed control of the councils in these metros to the DA’s mayoral candidates. The mayor in Tshwane is likely to be Solly Msimanga and in Joburg Herman Mashaba, although the EFF has registered a dispute against Mashaba. They want someone else. Malema even hinted at the fact that opposition parties had somehow managed to squash the nascent Ekurhuleni coalition between the ANC, African Independent Congress and the Patriotic Alliance – a party run by Malema’s long-time enemy Gayton McKenzie. Malema said that Mzwandile Masina should forget about being the mayor of Ekurhuleni, which would hand the reins to DA candidate and former ANC member Ghaleb Cachalia.

Malema explained that the reason the EFF was taking this position was because it was not hungry for power and positions and “knew its place”, since it had not been handed a popular mandate to govern.

All of this was merely proof to Mngxitama that the EFF has somehow been “bought” by powerful capitalist interests. It is an allegation he and others have been making for some time, and the fact that the EFF has apparently handed power to the DA without securing positions in council for EFF members was testament to this s0-called conspiracy theory.

Mngxitama wrote that the EFF’s decision to vote for the DA against the ANC was “London speaking”.

“Only a fool believes there is no coalition between the EFF and DA. So EFF shall surrender [Nelson Mandela Bay], Tshwane and Joburg to the DA. London has spoken!” said Mngxitama.

The ANC now runs the risk of being reduced to a party that gets the majority of the overall vote in future elections, but primarily in rural areas where there isn’t much money.

The ANC’s Fikile Mbalula had also earlier tweeted that he had doubts about there not really being a coalition deal between the DA and the EFF.

He wrote: “We once had a coalition with DA in the Western Cape; it didn’t work. Cos it was like mixing water with oil.”

“What [were] the conditions for the DA? To get such victory on a silver platter. The answer is give us the ANC. Marriage made in heaven.

“What I [know] in politics is that you can’t give your votes to a party and still say you are not in coalition; at best you abstain.”

This is not the first time the former EFF MP, Mngxitama, has made the allegation that the EFF is in the pocket of the very people they have long claimed to oppose: white monopoly capital.

On several previous occasions, he has alleged that the EFF was sponsored by former UK Ambassador to SA Lord Robin Renwick. The EFF has consistently played down those allegations, saying there was nothing secretive about their interactions with Renwick.

There have been allegations that Renwick and others in his circle have been funding the EFF on condition that the red berets destabilise the ANC. Mngxitama alleges that this explains why the EFF will now be voting in favour of the DA in order to oust the ANC from power in key metros that are at the heart of South Africa’s economic power.

Of course, none of this is confirmed and the EFF flatly repudiates all of this.

The national chairperson of the EFF, Advocate Dali Mpofu, recently denied claims that the controversial London meeting with Renwick had been anything questionable. When Twitter user Sipho Khuzwayo asked him about photos of Malema laughing with Renwick, Mpofu responded sarcastically: “Never!! That was a top secret meeting held in a public restaurant!Hence we immediately tweeted the photos.”

The photos in question were shared in November 2015. They have proved to be happy fodder to many conspiracy theorists on the internet, no one more so than Mngxitama.

“Up until now no one knows what was said between the EFF and the representatives of British colonialism. The media is also not interested to ask the relevant questions. What is known is that after meeting Robin Renwick and others, EFF changed its policy in a number of significant ways,” said a Black Opinion staff writer. Black Opinion is the mouthpiece of the BLF.

“Renwick gloats about being the man who converted Nelson Mandela from demanding nationalisation of the economy to becoming a servant of capitalism and private property. Since meeting with Renwick, EFF has been quiet on things like ‘land expropriation without compensation’ and ‘nationalisation’. EFF has been focused on the ‘Guptas Must Go’ and the ‘Zuma Must Fall’ campaigns, which are in turn fully supported by British and Afrikaner imperialism.”


The cover of Robin Renwick’s book about his time in SA.

All of this, of course, could easily be dismissed as little more than theory at best, but it is the subject of a great deal of sharing and debate on social media.

The EFF’s deputy president, Floyd Shivambu, dismissed Mngxitama as an “untidy conman” last week.

All that’s known for sure are that August 3, and all the days leading up to the announcements of the power shifts in South African politics on August 17, will go down in South African history as a key turning point in our maturing democracy.

It is, as always, business unusual in SA.



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