National 17.8.2016 03:50 pm

Holomisa to stand with other parties in rejection of ANC

FILE PICTURE: UDM leader Bantu Holomisa. Picture: Alaister Russell.

FILE PICTURE: UDM leader Bantu Holomisa. Picture: Alaister Russell.

The UDM leader says his party and others will be working together in Nelson Mandela Bay, Rustenburg and Joburg.

In a statement on Wednesday, the United Democratic Movement (UDM) leader Bantu Holomisa said his party was approached by both the ANC and the DA with the view to form coalition governments.

“The UDM has always understood coalition government as a form of cooperation between political parties who agree on specific principles and programmes to address the challenges of service delivery. Central to these is the immediate need to create jobs, eradicate poverty, fight and uproot corruption and promote good governance.”

He said the polls had been a rejection of the “corrupt and arrogant” ANC.

“The electorate has rejected the corrupt and arrogant governance of the ANC and has not endorsed any party in the hung councils. The message sent by the electorate is significant for our system of government and our constitutional democracy. We are firm in our resolve to respect the voice of the electorate at all times and will do everything possible to not disappoint them.

“The empty promises, the shoddy work and the non-functioning local sphere of government which is characterised by, among others, a lack of properly maintained infrastructure and a lack of visionary leadership, has been rejected.

“The electorate has called for an immediate end of bickering between political parties and focus on the work to be done. In this regard, the UDM commits that, in all municipalities in which it will be assisting with governance, it shall be non-partisan, and will place the people of South Africa first.

He called for proper handovers in councils, stability and that public service was a profession and a line needed to be drawn between government and political party.

He said “the glue that binds all political parties in a coalition is the commitment to provide basic services to all, irrespective of their socioeconomic circumstances and the ideological differences of the parties”.

He said a detailed agreement of the talks with the ANC and DA would be published later during a press conference with other affected parties, but that much of the discussion had been around national issues.

He said a national convention was still required among all parties, but that the next six months needed to be used to review and realign municipal budgets in order to “ensure maximum resourcing of the above priorities”.

He said they had thus decided to “enter into coalition governments with the opposition parties in Nelson Mandela Bay, Rustenburg and depending on the outstanding matters being resolved with regard to the City of Johannesburg, we will be part of a coalition government”.

“We wish to emphasise, that these coalitions are in fact a cooperation of opposition parties for better service delivery. It must never be misconstrued as a party-to-party coalition.”




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