National 17.8.2016 02:54 pm

Live report: We’ll continue to fight e-tolls – Maimane

The DA could not go into coalition with the EFF due to ‘ideological differences’ between the parties. Refresh the page for new updates.

3:58 The press briefing ends.

3:57 “We have won many cases against the ANC,” says Holomisa.

3:55 “I must honour what the party [EFF] stands for.”

3:53 Maimane says he’s not comfortable with seeing the ANC regaining power in Johannesburg.

3:51 He adds that the DA will continue to fight the e-tolls.

3:49 Maimane says Ekurhuleni “is not doable” without the AIC.

3:44 Mulder says successful women play hard-to-get.

3:42 DA federal chairman James Selfe dismissed allegations of racism withing the DA. He says the party always acted against racism.

3:41 Mulder says coalitions can be unstable.

3:39 UDM leader Bantu Holomisa says local government must not be politicised.

3:38 The ANC has undermined local government.

3:36 “This is not a merger,” Maimane says. He says the parties have differences.

3:35 Maimane says renaming of places and streets should be a consultative process.

3:31 Lekota says they will ensure the constitution is respected by everyone.

3:23 Solloy Msimanga will be a mayor in Tshwane, Athol Trolip mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay and Herman Mashaba in for Johannesburg.

3:22 “Uprooting corruption and creating jobs is what we stand for,” says UDM.

3:21 The UDM says it was approached by both the ANC and the DA for coalition talks.

3:19 “The looting of the public must stop. Jobs for pals must stop. The ANC has done these things. The ANC must stop. Together we can do better than the ANC.”

3:16 The national chairperson of the ACDP says we entering a new era of politics. “We need to keep each other honest. Life needs to change for people in the township. Roads must be tarred.”

3:14 Lekota says opposition parties are prepared to defend the constitution of the country.

3:15 Cope leader Mosiuoa Lekota is not talking. He thanks the voters.

3:13 Mulder also thanked FF Plus supporters for their vote.

3:12 Mulder says if some parties want to “swallow others, it will not work”.

3:11 FF Plus leader Pieter Mulder says all parties are important in a coalition.

3:06 DA enters in to coalition with COPE, ACDP, UDM and FF Plus

3:05 Maimane says the DA welcome’s EFF statement for saying they will vote for the DA.

3:04 “We negotiated in good faith with the EFF. We couldn’t agree on ideological issues.”

3:01 Maimane says the DA will do away with nepotism in municipalities.

3:00 The could never be discussions about how to amend the constitution with the EFF.


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